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 dirty rico barrel to gridded circ (one of a kind)

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PostSubject: dirty rico barrel to gridded circ (one of a kind)   Wed Jul 18, 2012 5:49 pm

well one of a kind that i know of. i bought it off alt. it was 1 of 1 there. and have never been able to find one that was sold locally. i have vids up on the net saying the same and noone has contested me yet. nvs hadnt heard of it. looking to trade for a stem 8 as they are same price. and i know that sg is highly sought after. but i think this pieces one of a kind status makes up for that. if someone is willing to deal, id possibly be willing to put a bit of cash down on top of this. but would need to see first and make sure ur serious. hopefully you guys enjoy seeing the piece. oh and the barrel, i like to call a king barrel, as the bore stays the same thickness on bottom chamber unlike the ones with trees which have a smaller lower bore and smaller barrel (as part of how it works is to smash bubbles between it and chamber walls to further bash and make bubbles smaller so due to enlarged size there are 1 or two more lines of gridding. 10 holes per grid, over 140 points of diffusion total! hope u like it.


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dirty rico barrel to gridded circ (one of a kind)
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